Sunday, July 12, 2009

Picture a Day - 221

If someone were to come up and ask me, "So how does it feel having a house?"

My response "Extremely exhausting and painful."

In the a little over 24 hours that we've had the thing we've moved the few things we did already have packed up, prepped the two bathrooms for paint, and completely painted one bedroom with two coats.

It used to be a weird green/orange/yellow color depending on the light source and if you think everything is green or not. You can get an idea as we decided to just say screw it when it came to the closet:Now it's apparently the color of the Nevada sky. I'm not sure if that's totally accurate as I've never been. Any Nevada natives, does that look like your sky?

This is going to be my office/painting area so I get to look at a pretty blue sky color while making pretty wedding dress paintings for everyone:And even though we have our special paint clothes camped out in one bedroom and I can generally remember to take my wedding ring off, it just seems inevitable that my poor watch is going to get a few new color changes:It actually matches my watches color scheme so well I haven't had the heart to clean it off yet. Someone needs to make a speckled iron man watch.

We have another day of painting and moving ahead of us (I also get to play with one of those rental rug doctor things, should be a ton of fun!). I just hope my arm doesn't tender in its resignation after this weekend.

I can't wait for the relaxing time I'll have at work.

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Linda said...

Wow you are so busy folks. I think I would need to lie down.