Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 210

We made it baby!

Or that is to say I have finally made it in the capacity that my place in my work environment has become much more stable and secure. Extreme apologies if I accidentally misplaced any logical conclusions with my use of a witty epithet.

And just how can I measure how I have placed myself in the lab? For the first time I have my own set of pipettes:It's like giving a carpenter his own band saw, a computer programmer his own computer, and a doctor his own drug company paraphernalia.

Every other lab I've worked in I always wound up having to share pipettes which would cause a bit of consternation and hunting on certain experiment days. Especially the big blue one. You never know just how badly you need a 1mL pipette til you can't get your hands on one and are seriously thinking of using the 100ml ten times.

But now I don't have to worry, I can just reach into my drawer and pluck out whatever I need for the day.

Now, time to think of much better catch phrases. "You know you want to." Nah too generic. "The woodpeckers in the fireplace again." A bit too traumatic. Don't worry I'll come up with something good (okay and even though it is sort of related all today on my twitter I'm going to come up with fun and random video game taunts as the old fashioned "Ugh I'm dying" is a bit too dry for me. If you're curious you can watch the madness here.)

What in your job tells you that you've "danced with the polar bear"? (Danced with the polar bear? Come on people we can do better than that. I swear I'm gonna have to fire my writers and force you to get jobs working at book stores stocking the latest Dan Brown novel). And by that I mean, tells you that this is getting a bit serious and your job may just ask you to move in.

Okay, okay I'll stop with the random allusions and asides. I promise.

*twitch* Wait wait, just one more for the road. Please?

"Don't trust anyone who wears suspenders!"

Ah, much better.


Leslie said...

You are truly nuts!

Linda said...

We got new headsets today. It's a banner day. The first new headsets in 10 years!
In nonprofits I miss offices. I'm in a cube farm now.

Chesney said...

Oh, to see the world through your eyes! I love it! :)