Friday, July 17, 2009


To prepare for the official move my husband and I decided to take next week off from work.

I know, I know. All those other poor souls out there that have to spend their vacations lounging around at the beach or exploring exotic locations will miss out on the joys of being trapped in the back of a van as the mattress shifts, lifting 100 pounds worth of books in a rather unsteady cardboard box or scrubbing out a toilet. But as they say, life just isn't fair.

I actually planned something for posts this week in case we lose Internet, so my blog will still be up and posting but I may not be around commenting at all your blogs. Don't worry though, I promise I'll be thinking of you as I haul an oak entertainment center up two flights of stairs.

Okay okay. Since it isn't all that fair, here's a new Target: Women about all those stupid dating books out there. Now you'll just have to let me go, that weed covered garden is calling to me.

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Linda said...

Enjoy your vacation time. Hopefully it's not all work!