Saturday, July 25, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 234

Thank you so much for everyone who stuck through the archive dig. This is the honest to God last day. Starting tomorrow I'll catch you up on what I've really been up to (and considering the house moving and wedding it should be a ton of stuff).

My husband started bugging me for a picture of a fall tree so one day I obliged him. Now he has his own painting that he gets to decide where to put. Good luck honey, you're on your own. This was one of the waterfalls at the vineyard we visited earlier this month to calm down from the house buying process. Now I need it to help with the in-law wedding process. Calm blue ocean. Calm blue ocean.
If the wedding does finally go swirling down the drain and we find ourselves trapped in the fourth level of hell I can always put on my camo and disappear into the jungles of Chicago.

If anyone is reading this please send any and all banana's to the Field museum as I am now living inside of Sue with my trained ape, Henry Kissinger.

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Chesney said...

Your weekend of hell is almost over, you are surviving! Just keep thinking of your pretty pictures, you can do it - the count is on!