Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 231

Oh you wouldn't believe the wild stuff that happened yesterday. While traveling down the road to move some stuff a family of clowns sprung out. We braked in time and watched as their little red noses and floppy shoes vanished into the distance. I'd love to share pictures and stories but alas it's time for more archive photos.

Let's start with a little mood setting. This was the other option from my dry ice and sink fun time earlier this year.
How about a gorgeous sunny morning? No? What do you mean no? Too bad.On the campus where I work there are some rather interesting sculptures. As it's an ag campus I guess the artists feel like they want to be ironic or edgy by say putting up a sculpture of flowers that look like they're dying.I think I'll just keep the bed of real flowers, thanks.One day I'll tell you about the animosity one artist made when he had a bunch of real trees ripped out to put up a metal tree on city campus, because he thought he could do better than nature.


Chesney said...

What a gorgeous sunset! And I am afraid to ask about the dry ice in your sink (but wow, does it make for a fun picture)!

Linda said...

Great sunset. More pictures of dry ice!

Rachel said...

I've always wanted to play with dry ice!

Pretty pics of the pansies! We use those in the winter as annuals - they don't survive our summers.