Friday, July 17, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 226

Break out the champagne and firecrackers!

PAINTING IS DONE!Well okay not really done done. There are a few touch ups and where the paint stuck to the tape we'll have to fix as we pull that off.

But otherwise we are done! Just have to clean up the huge messes we made, toss our drop clothes and soak up our new bathrooms. What's that? You want to see our painting jobs? Oh I don't know.

I mean like I said there are still touch ups and you can't really get a feel for the themes until we put up our other decorations and the like.

How about a taste, til I get all the trees up and paint the white piece of furniture brown and finish some other stuff. Then I show it all off. This is our spare bathroom that we are trying to turn into a forest. The color isn't for everyone, but what the hell you only live once right? May as well enjoy it.

(Don't let the pictures fool you either, that bathroom is huge and it took forever to paint thanks to all the corners).

It was kinda funny, the previous owners haven't unhooked their cable yet so once we finished we collapsed on the couch and watched HDTV for an hour or so.

Like watching Lifetime or WE after the wedding, watching the hours of house hunters and first time home buyers shows is a weird sort of reverse schadenfreude. You nod your head in agreement with all the damn hoops they make you jump through, that feeling of "Dear God I'll do whatever the owners want because I am sick of looking," and the gut wrenching fear the lender puts you through.

Though holy hell can I see why the housing bubble burst has destroyed the economy. I want to run through the TV and just slap some of these entitled people who think they deserve this and deserve that but never bother to figure out how much their damn mortgage payment would be or what is expected for a down payment.

Even though we won't be bothering with cable I think I should declare a no HDTV rule for a while, as it just angers up the blood. Did you have to stop watching Bridezillas and Say Yes to the Dress after the wedding as it just caused you to smash your head into a coffee table muttering "Wedding, you're doing it wrong?"

But, the painting is practically done! Small celebration at the local bar. Half of the drinks are on me!


Linda said...

I love that green. It's gorgeous!

Jennifer said...

I second the green loving! Also, I am really happy I know what schadenfreude means. Finally- we watched HDTV on our weekend getaway and it made me want to cry.