Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 230

Yep, still on my moving vacation. And we're still having a little dig through the archives finding those pictures that didn't quite make the cut. I should really set them to music and call it a slideshow.

In keeping with the beat the heat pictures here's one I tried to get all stealthily in a cardinal's face. Only got three stitches out of it, stupid overprotective bird: Here's one of new mom Cali before she had a brood hanging off her playing in the snow:

Before Christmas break we had a little visitor hanging out in my office.I suspect he was just after our Blue Cheese and pate. Sorry Mousey but we were saving it for our very strange looking attempt at beef wellington (If anyone ever wants to know how to make a roast look like a turkey just e-mail me).

Finally, for no good reason here's a picture of the grasslands that has since been burned down:But it'll be back soon bigger and stronger than ever. Just so they can burn it down again. Nature is weird.

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Chesney said...

Hope you are enjoying your vacation! Great new additions to your gallery - I can't believe you caught that mouse, you must be wearing your camera! :)