Thursday, July 9, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 218

Sitting in the mortgage waiting room reminds me a lot of that old tale about the man who wanted to make stone soup.

Basically this scam artist shows up at an old woman's house clutching a stone claiming he can make soup from the stone. She doesn't really believe him but she lets him in anyway out of curiosity(the first big mistake). He starts asking for simple things like water and a pot to boil the soup in. Then before she knows it she's rushing off to her pantry to get an onion, some carrots and even a bit of meat.

Before her eyes he magically creates wonderful stone soup, while she was the one who had to do all the work and bend over backwards to make it happen.

But I want to put all that behind me for right now and talk about what arrived in the mail yesterday. It's our long sought for soap dish!I got it from BPR Design, because when the local stores fail you there really is only one option, Etsy. It's amazing just how fast I got the thing too. I ordered it last Friday during the fourth weekend and boom just right there on my door step.

And how cool are the free samples/thank you card? It's a plant this card to watch it grow one and a free soap sample. I wish I could think of something that neat but so far I've only gotten as far as the "paint you a card" plan.

BPR Design has some other really neat glassworks, including a vase you hang on the wall, and it's all cheaper than what you'd find at the bed & bath stores anyway.

The other surprise in the mail was a bunch of candles. A bunch of spooky candles. Dark Candles, one would even say.
I just love the twist tie. I want some Halloween twist ties. Since it's way too early before Halloween for most of you I'll keep it short but I got a little sampler of some votives and my favorite by far is Graveyard. It has a very eerie smell with a little of that woody earthy scent and just the right balance of musk.

They also have some rather interesting scents like Attention Whore and Liquored up Tart (and if you love the more eastern spices I recommend Nosferatu, it smells like a Turkish bazaar).

We keep saying that if we do get caught in a horrible the bank is too damn lazy to do its job so we lose the house cycle we could always stay at our apartment. Then something bad happens, like someone pees in the hallway (Memorial weekend) or I take my soap dish and candle outside for a little photo shoot and get catcalled by drunk college students and we're back to rushing off from some onions or a bit of beef for the loan soup.

Buying the house has been by far more stressful than planning the wedding ever was. At least we had some control with the wedding, all we can do is throw up our hands and pray that they'll suddenly put us on as some sort of priority.


Chesney said...

Once you get into the house you will love it! Hang in there!

Linda said...

I love the dish. Hopefully you'll have a home for the dish soon!

Jennifer said...

hmmm. I always heard the story a different way. I heard that a community was really disengaged from each other and that one family was starving and no one would help them out. So a mand claimed to make the stone soup- and the process brought all the town together- some one added the carrots, some one added the chicken...
But I guess since no one is going to help pay your mortgage- this version doesn't apply.

BPR Designs said...

I just found this blog post using Social Mention! Thanks for the nice words and the great photo!!