Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oh Lover Bird

This whole moving/loan/insurance stuff has drained me dry of any energy I once had (and I refuse to think of the dreaded wedding). So if I don't comment on the blogs I normally religiously do, don't worry, I'll be back when we finally get all this mess figured out.

My painting has also hit a big wall. The angel in the forest is staring back at me with a sky and forest ground and nothing else. I did, this past weekend, have a little something I wanted to do.

It's just another continuation in my birds in silhouette in trees series, but they look pretty damn lovable:I'm not really expecting any bites, but I had to do something just to keep from going insane.

I did have one neat idea this morning laying in bed an hour before the alarm went off. We were re gifted a set of coasters my husband's sister didn't want (not klassy enough I guess) that you put a picture in.

They've been sitting on top of our bookcase for over a year as I was originally going to use wedding pictures, and never got the gumption to pick pictures or print them off. But then I thought, ooh what if I made little tree paintings and put them in there to match the big living room painting.

If I get to it anytime soon, I'll share pictures. Maybe even try selling them as well assuming it turns out well.

Sorry, I'm babbling again. To sum up, I'm tired. Yay pretty birdies. Might have weird coaster idea. Never going to finish angel at this rate. Maybe I just offer to paint a cat. Anyone want a blue cat? Not a big fan of shipping box though. No idea how Schrödinger couldn't figure out if cat alive or dead. Evil hissing and scratching dead giveaway.


Chesney said...

Love the silhouettes against that vivid pink - beautiful and eye catching!

Leslie said...

Man I'm glad I came back to work today so I could read all these posts since I've been gone. It made my day. By the way, I love the birdies!

Linda said...

Gorgeous painting.
Great giveaway idea. Dead painted cats :)
I like the coaster idea. Looking forward to seeing.

Rachel said...

I really like the birdy painting!!! I love the black silhouettes (spelling, anyone??) against the bright color!
And I think that the coasters are a great idea! Infact, I may steal it b/c we have similar coasters you stick pictures in, and, like you, we have no pictures in them.

Don't stress too too much about the loan/house buying process. It sucks. It always does. It's the same every time. They always wait until the last minute to realize that they don't have some certain piece of information that they need. Oh, and usually they then find out something that changes something else - like your interest rate, down payment, closing date..... it's insane. Just wait until it gets to the underwriters. The whole process stinks - I sympathize with you!! I've been through it twice now. And I'd like to say that selling your house is easier. But no... it has it's own special and fun sets of stressors.
But do remember that you will eventually be in your house, and all this crap will be behind you! You just have to learn to kind of roll with it. I promise - loan officers and banks are like this with everyone!

Oh, and about the whole dog situation... I say you adopt from a shelter AND get a puppy. Sounds like you could use more CPT! ;-)

P.S. - I'm at a loss about the cat. Must have missed that one.

Rachel said...

Yeah, a counter would be nice- you can email it to me when you get a chance.

Oh, and yes, Riley is a big talker. Loves to hear his own voice, I think! He also likes to play squeaky toys like instruments - he can play a whole concert with a squeaky toy!