Monday, July 27, 2009

Is it Art or the worst wedding present ever?

There were a lot of things I was dreading during my vacation (I think I misunderstand the term "vacation." I thought it was a time when you had to do craptacular and depressing things, only you took time off of work so you could get them all over as fast as possible. Like ripping a band-aid off fast.) but the one that I have been wishy washy on the most was the sharing of my painting.
By the way for everyone who wonders just why you'd want a painting when you have pictures I just spent 10 minutes going through my own to find a good comparison of the actual dress and I am very snap happy.
A part of me was thinking, oh I don't want to be anywhere near when it's opened up. It'll be awkward for everyone involved. Then I kinda stopped caring and was so far removed from it -- mostly thanks to it being wrapped up for a good 2-3 months -- I didn't care much.

So I sat with my mother in law, the bride and her bridesmaids (all of whom I've met before) and watched her open it up. It was very strange to be sitting there knowing that the person looking at it for the first time is going to have to put on a little show for the person that created it whether she likes it or not.

Long story short I have no idea if that thing is going to survive long outside of a dumpster. (It was an interesting way to have the extended family learn that you paint for money though). I rather hope she'd at least reuse the frame as it's pretty nice and I worked hard on the matting.

But I don't ever want to be one of those people that gives the weirdest things and then wanders around a persons house years later seeing where it wound up, guilting the couple into putting it up for the few hours I'm there and then taking it down as soon as I've left.

So why did I give it as a wedding present then? Well I hadn't really planned on it. I was aiming for more of a simple shower gift. Just a little something not framed that could be entertaining on a piece of paper. But then the shower passed and I had no pictures so I was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Some of it's probably a touch of my hatred of anything I make and can't stand but I really believe that my weird and sort of cartoonish interpretations of wedding dresses are not for everyone. I don't and can't create realistic oil paintings. I like bright vibrant colors with strong lines to give some character to the clothing and bring out what makes the dress its own and I certainly don't expect everyone else to love it.

How do I tell someone that I don't much care if they throw out my painting but please use the $30 frame?

On a whole nother topic, my best friend and I are planning something. Something probably evil. And I was wondering if anyone knew some of the most cliched games/favors/stuff from baby showers. I've never been to a classic with the pink and blue booties shower before and I have no idea what goes on at those.

Don't worry I'll share something around the end of August. Now I'm off to suck some energy out of the wall socket. Better than a case of red bull.


Shell @ Disappearing Mist said...

I think it looks amazing! Great job on it, no matter what she does with it. I'm glad you survived your week!

Chesney said...

I don't see how she couldn't love this - it is beautiful - beautiful work!!!

Krista said...

Even if she doesn`t like it, I`m sure she`ll appreciate the effort and thought.

I`ll probably order one of said dresses. I just have to get Wade to warm up to the idea of getting new art work. We still have a picture of the Maple Leafs (hockey team) hanging above our bed ... well, not literally, but I think you know what I mean.

I might even order a painting of Wade`s suit. Wade can be finicky, so I have to let him warm up to the idea! :)