Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lost: 2 Heffers last seen near Burger King

I really shouldn't be encouraging stereotypes but well sometimes you just find something too hilarious and have to share.

I came across this little ad last night while de-stressing from painting and perusing the newspaper:How exactly one loses not one but 4 heifers is beyond me and then feels like putting it in the newspaper instead of say calling the neighbors up.

I smell a buddy comedy. Four young heifers fresh out of high school rent a car and travel the country experiencing friendship and love while trying to come to terms with a future life of milk production. Special guest appearance by Toro the Bull as the ladies heartthrob.

We could call it The Bovinehood of the Traveling Udders! Someone get Dreamworks on the line!


Linda said...

Yes, that seems like an odd thing to lose. I've lost many things but never a heifer.

Leslie said...

Ironically, we have a "lost" heifer at our house. She just wandered onto the place one day, but no one came looking for her. We named her Freebie.(She's no longer a heifer - In fact she's a very good cow and an awesome mother.) We put an ad on the radio asking if someone lost her, but got no responses. I find the "last seen" address funnier because it screams that the cattle were in the middle of a city.