Thursday, July 30, 2009


Now we come to this recent addition to our gallery. As you can see the artist clearly wanted to keep everything neutral displaying how the art causes neither anger nor joy, it simply is. This is clearly an attack on any pro-monogamy ideals.

The brush is at a 45 degree angle to the white dress to mentally symbolize a V and we all know what that has to do with a white wedding dress. *wink* *wink* And the choice to go with an off the shoulder dress instead of the more common strapless is beckoning the viewer in for a lurid embrace.

Truly this is the filthiest icon I have ever seen.

Um, I just wanted something that said I can paint your wedding dress for you. It really wasn't anything else.

Quiet you. No one cares what the artist thinks.

Now that I have my first icon I just have to put together the rest of the business card and then I can include my card in orders and the customer will pass it onto their friends and family and soon I'll be raking in the dough. MWHAHAHAHA!Or they'll behave just like I do, look at the card for a second or two and then toss it.


Leslie said...

Occasionally business cards are good, but mostly they're a waste of time and energy.

Chesney said...

Creative logo - you are ready now...

Anonymous said...

I like it!