Monday, July 20, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 229

Hi, I'm currently on my moving vacation and rather than deal with the possibility of not having Internet or access to a computer because we left it on a truck somewhere I've decided to comb through my old picture archives and find some never shown pictures to share.

Don't worry, after the wedding I'll be back with tons of new stuff. For now just suffer through the Introverted Wife clip show.

Believe it or not, I didn't actually plan to start my picture a day with a picture of my husband licking a spoon. Shocking, right? No before I wanted to start with something even more dull, my desk.

Around Christmas my husband's family did a pick a name out of a hat and buy them a gift. I got an Uncle who's hobbies include drinking, vodka, and drinking vodka. Taking this into consideration I decided to get him a pony.

No wait, I mean a bottle of vodka. But because I wanted to have some fun and I wrapped it in two boxes with Dangerous Equipment emblazoned on the outside of them: And as I'm currently dying from heat exposure here's a picture of our snow people (currently trapped inside of a box labeled "Brains" to discourage thieves)actually in the snow:
It's like a weird trip down memory lane. Or half of a year condensed into a week.

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