Friday, September 25, 2009

Activision presents Fall Wedding Pitfalls

The Dilemma - You've always wanted to have your wedding take place at the end of an 8 bit Atari game only crocodiles, bats, snakes a ticking clock stand in your way.

Solution - To make it to the end of the aisle and win your wedding day you must find and collect 32 different wedding treasures such as your bouquet, the rings, the cake, and the groom all before the clock runs out.
But standing, sitting or just blinking menacingly in your way are the pixalated versions of crocodiles and snakes waiting for you to plow right into them on your mad dash to wedded bliss so they can kill you dead.

The only hope you have to get that golden ring is to jump, crouch, run, climb and swing your way around the obstacles.

Do you have the mad 1980 gaming skills to make it to the church on time?

Only by playing Fall Wedding Pitfalls will you learn the truth.

Weddings are serious business and so it jumping over a pond full of crocodiles.

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Linda said...

I'm at Tai's work and his boss thought that was cool. Awesome. I want to play when I get home.