Monday, September 21, 2009

The Autumnal Equinox is upon me

I was busy like a beaver this weekend (which made the vaccine boosters our little girl got a welcome reprieve as she slept most of the weekend away). I've been watching the etsy showcases hoping for something halloweeny.

While it's too early for the witches and warlocks they are; however, hosting an Autumn one which I pounced on and booked two spots for this week and next. This all means one thing, I needed more autumn paintings fast. (Etsy is a weird place sometimes with obvious cliques and unwritten rules. I should write about what it's like just selling on there).

First I wanted to make a new pin up witch to go with my other. This one is a lot sexier than the flapper and oh how the hair drove me bonkers.
Actually it's kinda funny, I am terrible at breasts. I always do a lot of erasing the bodice when it comes to wedding dresses and I think I redesigned hers at least five times. Definitely more of a leg woman.

The other painting I made is actually one of my largest at a 12X16 and was a lot of work. I wanted to try my hand at a tree that was a lot more subdued from my usual bright color silhouette pieces. Almost taking a page out of an old children's book (I keep thinking Winne the Pooh should be climbing the branches after a honey pot) I created this autumn tree.
And now that I have a larger autumn profile comes the hard choice of which one do I pick to be displayed in the showcase?

Which do you like best? The new witch, the new tree or one of these old ones?

Harvest Moon:Flapper Witch:Or my original trees:Which do you think would pull in the most customers?


Chesney said...

My favorite is the autumn tree! Just beautiful!

Linda said...

love the 2 witches!

Ruby Slippers said...

Omigosh, you got the feeling of the new tree JUST RIGHT! I'm completely waiting for Winnie the Pooh to stroll along. Awesome job! So definitely show that, and the new witch (love the background!) and the old original trees too.

Bri said...

It is never too nearly for witches! Always remember that most pagans in the Southern Hemisphere (like me!) are celebrating the opposite seasonal festival to the Northern Hem, so we are heading towards Beltaine here at the moment. I really like the witch paintings, shame it would cost so much to send them to Australia!

Krista said...

Hmm ... I think for sales, the autumn tree can appeal to the most people.

I like the regular witch. The sexy witch kinda scares me. I think she'll step off her broom and shake her boobs at me to cast a spell!