Thursday, September 3, 2009

Show me the savings account!

My husband and I are not what one would call good capitalists.

I do not have a spring/fall/summer/winter/smarch wardrobe. I just have clothes designed to meet certain weather and societal requirements (No wearing a parka to a desert party anymore, learned that the hard way). If I ever happen to wind up matching a seasons current it color/texture/shape/ice cream flavor I can assure you it is completely on accident (No really, I have the paperwork here to prove it).

When looking for houses we had shared moments of realization that houses we could easily afford were just too big for us, a practically unheard of case in the states. Our Realtor crossed his fingers to ward the evil eye off him when we said as much.

My spend thriftiness also extends to hand outs. I've known quite a few shall we say "think they're better than us"ers in my time who would turn their noses up at anything no matter how functional it is because it didn't meet with their specific standards. But if I see even a glimmer of an idea of something I can use it for, or something I can turn it into of course I'll take it. Who cares if it's 10 years old and neon orange, if it serves a necessary function and is still in nearly mint condition that's all that matters. (And I question the sanity of anyone who needs say a designer broom and mop).

I've actually got quite a nice little set of glasses and other bake ware thanks to one sort of relative who has such high standards that upon opening it she turns around and gives all her presents to other people because she can't be seen with it.

Because we're not big into the redistribution of the green stuff my husband and I have a sort of spending limit. Basically if anyone's going to buy something over $100 we'd like to at least mention it to the other person first. It helps to lessen the "Oh My God, you spent money!" initial shock if say someone were to come through the door with a new iPhone.

Do you have a "if you're going to spend this much money on one item will you tell me about it" deal with your spouse? Ever accepted second hand gifts and old junk because you saw potential in it?

If you had all the money in the world what would you buy?

Me. I want an Elephant trained as a valet:


Leslie said...

I wish Brian would figure that one out. I think I'm pretty good about telling him, but typically he'll just buy things first and ask later.

EthidiumBromide said...

We always run spending past each other, typically things over $100 as well. But as long as we can justify why we think it is worth spending the money on something, generally it goes. I recently got an iPhone, because I spend 10 hours on the bus every weekend I go to visit my husband, and felt that those 10 hours of misery deserved portable movies and internet. My husband did not veto. But I certainly would not have just picked one up without discussing it first.

Linda said...

Money is still a sticky point with us. We do not have a good system. I generally talk over big purchases, Tai does not. Our overall attitude is it's money I'll do with it as I please. Sadly I don't think that will get us far.

Chesney said...

Now that picture is priceless! Love it! My husband & I are in the habit of paying cash for everything - if we don't have the cash we can't have took a long time before I could finish my basement LOL

Michelle Simpson Photos said...

We always run stuff by each other as well, but there isn't a set amount. Basically anything out of the ordinary, I suppose.

We're pretty frugal too. But I love to splurge, too.

Ruby Slippers said...

We don't actually have that agreement, but we seem to do it anyway. It just makes sense. Neither of us are big spenders (thank goodness, or I wouldn't be surviving this new business start-up!), but if we want something pricey, we mention it.

I take handouts too. Of course, if they're clothes, I will probably never wear them, but I can't get past the "Oooh! Free stuff!" feeling, so I take them anyway. I have a long slinky green velvet dress that's too short for me for this very reason.