Thursday, September 24, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 295

Buried deep in the heart of our garden beats the heart of a beast unknown to science or man.

Most discount the legend, but some visitors cannot shake the horrible terror that swept through them upon encountering a rustling in the weeds and maybe the disappearance and crunch of a juicy tomato.

This is the only known photo of the monster in its natural habitat. You'll note the elongated body points to something non canine like, almost like a missing dinosaur or maybe a yeti crossed with a coelacanth.You know the beast is about to attack by the rhythmic pounding of the tail, its vigorous muscles waiting for the opportunity to strike and thrash the weeds to death.
It's kinda funny, as our little girl gets bigger and bigger she's finding that suddenly places she could get into she can't anymore. Or even worse she can get in but can't get out.

Like our garden which is fenced all around. The previous owners dogs must have had quite an attempt to get in there so the door is bent inward enough to allow a puppy in.
Whenever Essie decides it's a good night to explore the garden and check to see if anythings changed we get a little re-enactment of an attempted jail break.
Attica! Attica!Pretty soon she's not going to be able to even get in there or fit in some of her favorite spots under the coffee table and that will be a sad sad day for the little puppy.

Does anyone else have an escape artist at home? If you have a lot of weeds in your garden we could rent you Essie, her favorite past time is pulling them out of the ground so she can eat them.


Chesney said...

My little dogs are lap dogs, so if they happen to get out of the yard they run to the front door and cry (big babies). When I was growing up we had a britney that we actually changed his name to Houdini - he was the best escape ever (in a blink of your eye he was gone...)

Lindsey said...

Gorgeous dog!! Gosh I want one!!!

Rachel said...

JJ is a total escape artist!!! Not from the back door, but he tries to bolt out the front door from time to time. He likes to run across the street and "mark" our neighbors' mailbox! They have 2 dogs, so I guess he's just trying to show them who's boss!

Love the first 2 pics!!! She looks like an alligator in the first one!