Saturday, September 12, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 283

When we first moved into the house there wasn't much in the form of a welcoming party. By that I mean there wasn't really any welcoming party to speak of.

It took a good month before a few things started to show up in the mailbox. "Welcome to the neighborhood, here's a coupon off some groceries."

"Have you checked out the local Pier One? It's Da Bomb."

Now that we're a little over two months into owning this place we're finally getting some of the good stuff:Well relative good stuff. It's not like they're going to mail us $100 just for buying a house (though that would be pretty nice, hey realtors look into that option).

It just seems kinda strange that instead of say sending it all in one lump sum the local business wait a little while (a couple of months, six at the most) to try and entice you into one of their establishments.

I wonder how they figure out when you've moved into a new place? I thought it might be tied in with asking the post office to forward your mail for you but we didn't get any of this stuff upon moving into the apartment.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Anyone else have any better theories? Oh I know, all local business have their own scanners and listen in on the real estate channel to find out exactly when a new place has been sold and swoop in with all their junk mail.

Yeah that must be it, makes all kinds of logical sense.


Anonymous said...

I don't know how they figure that out. Mr Bean and I had the welcome wagon come to our house about 6 months after we moved in - I have no idea how they found us, especially since I've lived in this city for my entire life and Mr. Bean for 17 years. My next best guess is that the Realtor tells people?

Chesney said...

Most places it is announced in the newspaper under the real estate transactions- public notice, it takes forever for them to publish it though...