Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Introverted Painting

I've been wanting to do this for a while but one thing or another keeps distracting me, but finally thanks to a nice and easy blog template I have my own Introverted Painting Gallery:

Introverted Painting

I've included every single painting I've ever done and posted about including all those early shall we say misfires.

It's amazing to look back through all 75 paintings in 9 months and watch the growth I've taken and also the moods I was in.

There was the early landscape phase, then the birds in trees with the wild colors for backgrounds, and now I seem to have settled on a black tree in front of colored background or Halloween for now.

Of course interspersed throughout are the wedding dresses which I also categorized for easy viewing.

Big thank you to you all who have bought, encouraged, inspired or accepted my paintings. There's no way I'd have this kind of portfolio without you. I'd have hung my paint brushes up somewhere back in March.

I'd work on a nice list with links and all but all that HTML and blog posting has my back a little angry at me right now, but Linda if you have a good picture of the one I made for you I'd love to add it.

Thanks again, and please go have a look. It's at least pretty funny to watch the transitions and change or at least to finally have enough ammo should anyone ever need to prove I am criminally insane when it comes to the use of blue.

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Chesney said...

Your gallery looks wonderful - I didn't know you had so many paintings - soon you will have enough for your own store...hmmmmm, IDEA!!!