Friday, September 4, 2009

Smarter than the average bear

There have been a few hints here and there that our little Essie (or as I like to call her Essie May) is going to be a bit above average in the Canine Intelligence Quotient.

She's already figured out that when I get up and start making lunches it means she's going out into the pen instead of being able to stay outside and play with us, and will refuse to go outside when we have our shoes on as it means we're leaving. And all in a week and a half.

But last night I fear she may have reached MENSA levels (can your dog apply for Mensa?).

While she was taking a little power nap, I thought my husband and I could finally put in our latest Netflix sampler.

Only about 10 minutes in Essie woke up and demanded that we start playing with her. First she tried the grabbing a toy and shaking it at you trick, then there was the barking and jumping at your leg manoeuvre.
After those didn't work she became exasperated and needed to find someway to kill that flat moving picture screen that kept her two favorite humans so transfixed.

With nary a pause she walked over to our entertainment center, stuck her nose down by our PS3 player that was spinning the movie and ejected the disc.

We may have a bigger problem/challenge on our hands than I ever thought possible.
Now if only we could convince her that downstairs is not the same as going outside and we'd all be very grateful if she'd stop pooping there.


Carrie Mae said...

She's adorable. ;)

Chesney said...

Don't we all have smart dogs??? (and for that matter, smart kids too)! ;) She sure is a cutie!

Linda said...

I love it! The fact she learned to eject the DVD puts her in Mensa in my mind!

Jessica said...

That last picture just screams, "Who me?"