Thursday, September 17, 2009

Bond, Invisible Bond

Way way way way way back -- we're talking like months here people -- I got an etsy convo from someone asking about my prices and what I do exactly with the wedding dress paintings (surprisingly common really. Thinking I should have all that info tattooed on my forehead for easy access). Didn't hear anything from her after that and I figured it was another person who got cold feet deal.

No biggie, I've had it happen a few times as I'm sure just about every Etsy seller has.

So imagine my surprise when last week I finally get a response back. Her dress on an 8X10. Easy Peasy (note not easy peasy when I am in the middle of making it only when finished. I have a very short memory).I think I'm getting quite a good grasp on the folds and shadows. It helps when I really dig the dress too. Off the shoulders just always feel so romantic and fancy ballgown party with Cary Grant to me.

Happy to have gotten it done rather quickly so I could turn my attention to a little scarecrow in a spooky field (and before all my downtime hours would be devoted to a certain comic book civil war) I e-mailed off pictures to the buyer.

Then something very strange happened. She asked if I would ship two items together for free. I said yes, thinking oh maybe she wants like say the Witch I did (which is still hanging around wanting a home). Nope, she wanted another painting done of her husband's tux. Not since Megan's way back in March have I done any groom wear and even then Kelly's was really the last tux.

I was a touch worried. After all, I've had all this dress practicing and learning over the past 6 months but I've only done two tuxes. What if I can't come up with something cool.Yeah I don't know what I was worried about either. I love male clothing. It has such a blocky straight line look while women's is supposed to be soft and flowy. So while guys is straightforward "here's what I got what's it to ya?" the brides is hidden shadows, lost folds of fabric and curves.

I remember now why I love the one I made of my husband's so much. While I know the groom tux painting will never be as popular I sure hope I get a lot more to do (luckily I have another waiting in the wings of a fellow bloggers wedding but I shall say no more til canvas ground has been ground has been broken.)

Which look to you like more? The invisible bride or the invisible groom?


megan said...

I LOVE your menswear paintings. The one you did your husband is by FAR my favorite. You kinda killed it on this one too! awesome job.

Chesney said...

See I told you, with patience comes business -you just needed to get your stuff out there to the right market! I love you man' tux, more than the dresses I don't know, but it is something different - and how cool that will be framed together!