Thursday, September 10, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 281

Every day I try to create a theme for my PAD. Something dazzling, something momentous, something to capture the eye and pull the reader into my wild and wacky world.

That usually lasts two, three days at the most before I suffer a horrible creative overload and sit in the corner dumping cheerios on my head singing the score to HMS Pinafore.

Thanks to these little dry spells some days I just have to fall back on my "Look I just got a fancy camera and I want to take a picture of everything" plan (too bad I don't actually have a new fancy camera, just the same ol' Nikkon coolpix). It worked pretty well in spring and summer when gorgeous foliage was begging to be photographed. Now that it's all slowly dying I've had to get a bit more creative.

First of my "ooh I wonder what this button does" is of something that looks almost but not quite like art but causes just about any scientist to pull out there hair and run screaming away. I speak, of course, of gel loading.
You have to have quite a steady hand to do any gel work as in science you want to be able to run as many sample as humanly possible so the wells are generally just big enough to be seen by the naked eye.

And heaven help you if you slip and get some sample into another well. That's usually a capital science offense and they'll feed you to the radioactive monster everyone keeps in their labs basement for breaking it.

I'm not sure if my having a steady hand so I could fill wells helps me to also create such minute details in my paintings or if I was just born with one so I could do the job. Either way, look pretty picture.

Because everyone loves taking pictures of people (except for me. I'm practically Swift when it comes to my misanthropic photos) here's one of both my husband and Es.
I love how they both have their front hand/paw on the steps as they're preparing to climb. Are they that in sync in real life? Oh you better believe it.

It's when Essie starts to worry about random things that could never possibly happen (like say a parachuting Tiger breaking into her backyard) or my husband being able to itch his stomach with his back leg while still standing that I'll be a bit more concerned.

Last picture (I'm sure you're happy that I didn't become as snap happy as most people do with a new camera, but that's probably because it isn't a new camera. I'm just sneaky like that, mwhahaha) and it's more of a mental reminder.
This nice sized tree right next to the back of our house is already starting to lose some leaves (much to Essie's delight. She'll never have to eat again for all the fall waste she can munch on in the yard) and before too long we're gonna have to get up there and clear out the gutters.

So mental note unless one of us can rent a giraffe, we're going to have to buy a ladder before fall comes crashing down on us.

Thank you for putting up with my wild and wacky random photographic trip through my boring day. I promise I'll try and think of a really awesome theme plan for tomorrow, or maybe next week at the latest.

In the meantime I'll just wave Beverly Hillbillys style from my front porch. "Y'all come back now, ya hear."


Chesney said...

I like your random photos - especially the one of your hubby w/ Essie - funny how quick they get into sync! They look like they are already the best of friends!

Rachel said...

Take some pics of the pretty fall foliage! Here in Texas we go from green to brown. There are a few colors in there, but mostly it's green...brown. Of course, sometimes the leaves even fall off while they're still green!

Fall here is like, 2 weeks.