Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Etsy Find of the Week - April Draven

When I got into this wild and wacky painting thing my poor husband just had no idea what to do with his time.

I kept tossing out a few hobby ideas including him getting into sewing (He has a ton of old souvenir t-shirts he wants to keep. I suggested that they'd make a neat quilt) as unlike me he has a modicum of talent at keeping thread from tangling and is able to cut straight lines.

Since getting the puppy all searches to find a way to eat up time have flown out the window. I'm pretty sure he's made the puppy his hobby now anyway, sitting on the floor watching to make sure she really truly is going to stay asleep this time and won't even sort of get an opportunity to be naughty.

Thanks to these cool patterns from April Draven, whenever he's getting a little tired of spending all hours playing with the puppy I think I found a new opportunity for him.How adorable is this dragon? For less than $9 you get the pattern to spend hours crafting a nice sized dragon toy just perfect for any dragon aficionados.
If you're not so big into the dragon, there's also this adorable little kitty that is a much smaller and less complicated pattern.
Okay so I'm really just pulled in by the heart achingly cute dragons. How can you not fall for this little dragon whelp?
Might be a good starter pattern.

If you're looking for a crochet pattern that's awesome cute check out April Draven.

Meanwhile my husband is gonna keep looking for something to accomplish instead of trying for the largest number of puppy bite and claw marks a person has sustained. There was also that "trying to pull all the weeds out of the garden" hobby but Essie likes to help a bit too much with that one.


Linda said...

I'm totally jealous of anyone who can sew or knit or crochet. The last time I tried to knit I wound up with a ball :)

Rachel said...

Yeah, crocheting something like that would be hard. I might be able to crochet a square or something, but a dragon???
But those are really cute.
And if your husband decides to take up crocheting, you MUST make that your picture of the day. ;-)

AprilDraven said...

Wow I just googled myself and found this. Thanks! *blushes* I'm glad I made someone happy :D