Friday, September 11, 2009

Disney bought Marvel and all I got was this lousy set of ears

Today has been geek central here it seems. Usually I try to keep my extracurricular activities to a minimum but well it is Friday and almost time to go homeish.

If you had your head buried in the sand, or say aren't close friends with a basement dwelling nerd (I'll give you a moment to stick your head out the window and shout out "NERD" as all are wont to do in this situation) early this month Disney shocked just about everyone by buying Marvel for 4 gajillion Disney Mickey Dollars (with the exchange rate I think that comes to 4 billion but Avri Arad can ride Space Mountain anytime he wants for free).

I could give you a nice long boring diatribe on my thoughts, emotions, feeling, favorite X-men who isn't wolverine because I think he's completely overrated but well that's too much for Friday. Instead here's a movie to entertain one so easily.

I'm secretly hoping to get an animated series where the punisher braids wolvies hair, but that's just me.

It's also a nice reminder that next week after waiting a good 5 years or so the second Marvel Alliance game is out. My husband and I can't wait. I'm sure he'll latch onto the Merc with the Mouth no matter how ineffective Deadpool may be and I'll probably start with Spidey and eventually turn to whatever causes the most wanton destruction (I really like it when things catch on fire).

For any Marvel geeks out there are you getting a little antsy for the Alliance game? Who's your favorite character?

And now to go back to being my cool slick, no way knowing that Storm is claustrophobic or Cyclops is from Omaha self.



Linda said...

I haven't played the first one since hubby wasn't a fan. We did play the x-men game together and i drove him crazy. i should go buy it for myself :)

Chesney said...

Too funny, not a video game fan myself, but I am sure the boys are wanting it...