Thursday, September 10, 2009

Harvest Moon

One night while sitting outside trying to encourage the puppy to do something other than lay on the grass and chew on sticks I looked up and saw the full moon a golden amber color hanging low in the sky.

With the gorgeous purples and oranges I just had to try capturing it in acrylic, especially before I completely forgot about it and was buried in another horde of wedding dresses.

I'm not quite ready for Etsy with it as I couldn't get a really good picture yesterday thanks to crappy weather and exhaustion on my part (upset stomachs do not provide much repose for one). But this is my take on the Harvest Moon:I really liked doing the moon and should try a few others. I've actually got some glow in the dark paint that I want to incorporate in a sort of artistic but still fun way (I have a few neat ideas I promise, nothing too 80's tastic. Well maybe a little).

What do you think?

I'm really digging all the autumn stuff I'm churning out, but I have to take a little break this weekend as I got a convo from someone I talked to back in April for a wedding dress. (I wonder if the one alchemy I already paid for will ever send me her pictures so I can make the painting? I think this was back in March).

And when I have that done, and another Halloween idea I may finally try for another tree with some more color. I'm not sure if I should wait til the Autumn pair sells or not, but I think the witch needs a companion on her flight through black and white land.

Is anyone interested in more fall painting stuff?

Edited to add: I just got an Etsy convo from someone telling me I should charge more for my paintings. Maybe I just don't have the capitalistic spirit but I really don't want to be rich or famous. Sharing a little bit of this wacky stuff I get into with the world is perfectly fine with me. The whole store was just set up to support my new hobby and I'm completely happy that way.

I promise that no matter how popular my trees or other paraphernalia are I will not raise the price (wedding dresses may change if I suddenly have brides beating down the door -- as highly unlikely as that is -- however as they are a lot more work).


Chesney said...

Prepare yourself to get busy - you just keep getting better and better!

Krista said...

You should charge more! (Except to me ... haha)

That moon is beautiful. The colours are stunning - I love complementary colours. :)

Rachel said...

I love your fall inspired paintings!