Tuesday, September 22, 2009

TTD Idea

Damn damn damn damn damn!

I just had this fantastic fun trash the dress session involving painting and fingers and lots of giggles but alas it shall only exist in my brain.

Why do all the cool wedding photographers I know have to live halfway around the world?

Do you hate it when you have an awesome idea, but there's just no feasible way it will ever come to fruition?

It's all your fault, yeah you know who you are you Kats and Valeries and Jennas and Megans ticking my brain into thinking outside the box with your awesomeness.

I demand you stop being awesome this very second!


Ruby Slippers said...

Hhahahaha!! I refuse! In fact, I'll just continue getting more awesome, till my awesomeness takes over the WORLD!

megan said...

man! that would be AWESOME!!!! If you ever find yourself in LA make sure to bring ur wedding dress and we'll have a crazy PTD (paint the dress) shoot. would be PERFECT publicity for your wedding dress paintings!!! ugh.