Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Haunting Autumn


Is anyone out there? Oh you mean we can still all be on vacation? Damn it! Why doesn't anyone ever tell me about these things.

*Starts to pack up her stuff*

Ha ha, good one.

Well maybe a few new paintings will pull some of you out of the woodwork (okay who I am kidding, no it won't. But at least I'll have tried).

I've been working like a little beaver on paintings. It's a strange case where I have a million ideas but not enough time to really get it all done. I'm always afraid that if I pause from painting inspiration will drip through my fingers and evaporate into a mist.

So while my husband took care of our little girl I sequestered myself in my room and created two new fall/Halloween paintings.

The first one is more of my trees. It's a bit larger than the previous ones so I included two trees instead of one and I really wanted to capture the fall colors behind them. An autumn sunset.
If any of the tree fans are floating around it's available for sale right here.

My other painting is something sort of different but still the same. I created a very simple black and white foggy moon feel for the background.

It has a very old Hollywood black and white era feel. To round that out I created a different kind of silhouette based upon an old pin-up:I was trying for more of an otherworldly yet still elegant feel. Something on the order of a subtler Halloween decoration that doesn't scream out at you.

I was slightly tempted to keep the witch for myself but I eventually decided that it was probably better to put it up in my store so she's also up for sale.

What do you think of my two Autumn paintings? I've still got one sitting at home that needs a little more work so expect the last of the Labor Day three later this week.

Do you like to decorate with certain seasonal colors or just keep things a more neutral palette?


Linda said...

I love them both!

Michelle Simpson Photos said...

I love the both, but I think you did amazingly with the witch one! I would be tempted to keep it too..

Carrie Mae said...

DAMMIT. I cannot spend unplanned money right now, but it was killing me not to hit "add to cart" on the witch one ... and it's priced so reasonably!

Maybe if I can distract myself for a day or two I won't be so tempted. After November I can save money to spend in etsy shops rather than frivolous wedding things.


withoutadornment said...

I especially like the first one - such pretty and vibrant colours!

Chesney said...

Both are fabulous, but I favor the witch - love witches!!

Ruby Slippers said...

I love the witch! She's gorgeous!