Thursday, September 3, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 274

Go figure. I finally find a painting technique/idea that is flying off the shelves and now I have a puppy who's doing her best to make sure her Mom has just about a half hour tops to get anything done.

I recently sold the black tree on a white spooky background:But the really cool thing is that the purchaser left me a little note saying that she's been debating about this painting for a little while and she finally went for it because she's having a Halloween Wedding this year.

I plummeted off the wedding train once mine was over, not having the energy to care about random people's dress/corsage/menu/color/bridemaid choices (blog friends are another story though) turning my mind towards other less interesting subjects (like if I'm going to be pro or anti registration for the next Marvel game, Storm rules).

But when it comes to Halloween I'm up for anything. Our usually minimally decorated place is covered head to toe in Halloween decor (we checked too, we have way more Halloween than Christmas). I'll even brave the teenagers to visit a haunted house if only for that slight taste of fear and suspense that wafts through the air.

I want to be that weird person sitting in the back of the room, dressed head to toe in aged and graying fabric silently enjoying the procession and taking in all the Halloween wedding awesomeness who vanishes as soon as the I Do's are said. Holding a candle is optional, but certainly helps add some gravitas.

Sadly, til I get the perfect could she be floating walk down I'll just have to stick with some blog rubbernecking (and pointing any other Halloween brides to Creepy Cupcakes because she wows me everyday with both the cool stuff she finds and really amazes with the projects she creates on her own).

To show my own Halloween wedding solidarity I made a little special something for my "Thank You for making an order" card:I'm thinking maybe I need to start crafting some special "Happy Hallowedding" cards to try and get on this much misunderstood and ignored market.

As October 31st creeps ever closer much luck to every bride and groom working to create a spooky/costume infused/or just pumpkin filled Halloween extravaganza. I remember all to well the constant haunting of stores starting in mid August just praying they put out their Halloween gear so we could make some wedding decor choices with a little more time than a few weeks. And the sad realization that due to wedding plans we couldn't actually really enjoy the holiday last year.

Does anyone else still get into other wedding ideas long after your own? Do you gravitate more towards ones that are like yours or something completely different?

Oh and for any other tree fans, I made another attempt that's free to any and all. I wanted to try something different, white on black. It has it's pluses and minuses but what I'm digging the most is the fact that the white allows some more definition on the tree:Just comment or e-mail me if you'd like the big file so you can print this bad boy off on your own.

I've got another tree in the worksish (trying something with autumn colors). Someone just has to convince our little Essie that naps are a wonderful thing and should be taken every few hours again.

Happy Hallowedding every one!


Chesney said...

Cute card and more wonderful paintings. I can hardly wait til we get closer to halloween to see what you have in store for us...

Anonymous said...

I feel special...Picture a Day was about ME! Can't wait for the painting. I'll have to take a picture of it with our kitties Morticia & know who they were named after! We are getting married in an Irish Pub, I'm wearing red, he's wearing a Scottish kilt, our theme is elegant/spooky/Edgar A.Poe. I'd love for you to attend...lurking in the background. Creepy Cupcakes is awesome...that's how I found your blog.