Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 300

WOOOHOOO! The Big 300!

I didn't even know I was bowling -- does explain the odd smelling shoes on my feet though -- but there ya have it a perfect score!

Well it's been a great run and all but I suppose it's time I packed it in and . . .


A year has 365 days in it?

That can't be right. Who would pick such an uneven number? It's so . . . sloppy.

Pick back up the balloons and vacuum up the confetti boys. We still have over two months to go.

This weekend was the quintessential fall day, mid 60's with bright sun and a breeze to knock all those autumn leaves in the air. If I could have I'd have saved it up in a bottle but I missed out on the Jim Croce bottle sale that day.Despite both my husband and I being a touch knackered and the wind picking up to a brisk 20 mph we decided to take the puppy on her first Large Park visit.

We loaded her up into the car and took the 20 minute drive to Pioneers Park. Growing up in Nebraska a tree is a sacred and rarely glimpsed thing so getting more than two or three together is cause for celebration which may or may not lead to national holidays.

Pioneers Park is 500 acres of Tree and Path wandering goodness.

Essie was quite excited when we pulled up. She jumped out of the car, her tail wagging and tongue lolling as she planned just how to lick every other person who felt like visiting the park that day.
She's become quite the little model for me. I can usually get her to sit in a specific spot, step back a few steps and finally get her to look at me if I work fast enough. Maybe I'll even have a dog who likes having her picture taken.
We wandered through a pine section of the Park and were greeted with a needle shower. It was rather strange to have small yellow sticks rotate and swirl from the sky heights to the ground.

Es was just happy to find some pine cones to chew on.
We took a little break in a grassy glen, watching as a cavalcade of antique cars toured the park. Essie didn't care too much but she was really fascinated with the bikers. Maybe she'll train for Tour De France.
After an hour we were all about ready to collapse in a pile so we trekked back to the car and headed home for a nice long nap.

This weekend we get to look forward to highs in the 50's and rain so I'm very happy that we bit the bullet and got int he chance to visit the Big Park.

Do you have a nice place to go when you want to just visit nature? How often do you trek out to some of the further parks?


Rachel said...

I'm the first commenter! And I swear you just put this up.

We actually have a really nice park very close to us (like less than a mile away) that has trees and paths. But we take it for granted and don't get out there very often. In the summertime, it is just too stinkin' hot to go,and well... the rest of the time we just don't think about it.
The other problem with our dogs is that if you pull out a leash, they all go crazy. And it's hard to corral just one or two. You have to be sneaky about it. Afterwards you're racked with the guilt of leaving some of them home.

Love that first pic of Essie! Riley loves having his picture taken- he's very photogenic. He'll even somewhat pose, I swear. We have so many pictures of him, but then it's hard to get good pics of the other ones!

Linda said...

We have lots of trees in the complex where we live. I'm a bit spoiled aren't I?
I love to go to botanical gardens. There are 2 Japanese Gardens near us. I've only been to one. I hope to make it to the other sometime.

Chesney said...

C'mon, Mom, I'm ready to walk!" :)

Anonymous said...

Yay for day 300! The end is in sight! What are you going to do with all your extra time when you're done?

Jennifer said...

Yummy photos of Esme! My dog (who lives 1000 miles away) totally poses when you pickup a camera. She holds the pose, will switch poses- she's a photo whore.

We live 1.5 miles away from a state park- I visit it almost daily. we live 15 miles form a National park, we go there monthly and we are surrounded on all sides by national forest.