Sunday, September 6, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 277

While there are some things I know I'm going to miss when it finally hits December and I can hang up my old Picture a Day habit I will be dancing randomly in the street happy that I don't have to blog every single day.

Sunday is especially the worst. A few months in I realized that very few people actually read anything I put up on the weekends and Sunday is practically a dead zone where I'm talking to myself awash in the knowledge that all my time and energy could have been better spent trying to scale a building with a set of USB cables.

So self, when you are going through pictures and just reminiscing I thought you might like these ones you took yesterday of the really cool Halloween store. You know the one, it just showed up in town for the first time last year, right when you needed it for the wedding.

Well it's back and this time they got a bit more creative with the displays. First with the nursery of the damned.
I have no idea why Death needs a clown mask, a shrunken head and some bloody bandages while he's out hunting but it's best to not mettle in the affairs of Anthropomorphized personifications of natural phenomenon.
Is it sad that I can see this nice lady as either a hell daemon bent on sucking my soul back into hell and a model from the latest issue of Vogue? I think it's the razor sharp cheekbones and ridiculous could trap small birds hair.
Someone needs to feed this executioner stat. His legs are so dowel thin I'm afraid a slight breeze could knock him over.
While wandering around the store we saw probably the coolest prop ever. It took no batteries, moved and reacted to the world around it and scares more people than just about everything in there combined.
I wonder how much he actually cost.

And because I'm still talking to myself (Hi again self, don't forget you need to pick up some new cookie sheets after setting fire to the last set) here's a cute picture of Essie "helping" me clean yesterday.
Puppies, what can ya do?


Linda said...

Love the nursery of the dammed. Great idea!

Rachel said...

Hey, don't talk about my Mom like that.... She spends a lot of time on her hair! ;-)