Saturday, September 19, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 290

Some days it's really nice knowing both of the parents of our little Essie quite well. I can see the gorgeous coat and strange Elvis lip curl of her mother and the co-dependence and millions of puppy kisses from her father.

So I barely batted an eye when she picked up this latest habit.

I'd throw her toy out in the backyard.She'd run off and get it pretending she's making her way back to me. Then, at the last second, veer off.And make straight for the leaf pile:
Just for good measure she'd do it a few more times before finally letting me take the toy from her:That is 100% of her father there, who always has to take the longest route back possible to show off that he got the duck.

So I'm just gonna sit back, try to keep the leaf pile from scattering around the entire yard, snap some pictures and laugh at her.


Chesney said...

She has a great little ritual going there - good for her, but not so sure good for you - I think you need to get that rake again LOL

Rachel said...

She's getting big!!

Of course she goes for the leaf pile!! It's the same reason why when I sweep the floor, my dogs go and stick their noses in the dirt/hair/stuff and then sneeze - thereby scattering the pile all over the floor again!
They want to be in the middle of everything!