Friday, September 11, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 282

I was all prepared to climb on top of my horse, pin down my tricorn hat and proclaim to the world that Fall was coming.

After all, the spiders are already moving into their not quite ready digs: And the acorns are a slight breeze away from the opportunity to break some co-eds ankle.But while I was trying to find a church with two lanterns and a slightly portly man to hang them I stumbled across something fantastic. Hidden deep in the arboretum is a passage, a passage to a magical land (because you never see passages to anti-magical lands unless you're in Mirror World in which case I know where I can get you a great deal on vest and goatees).
A magical land where summer refuses to die. It's kinda like Narnia only instead of an evil Ice Queen and her polar bear polo team it's ruled by a slightly absent minded heat jester. He would get to smiting and roasting his denizens alive but he's not quite certain where he put his scepter and anyway he might miss American Idol if he's busy smiting people.That left me completely free to wander in Summer land (they tried to get a tie in with "500 Days of Summer" but got a bit confused when the studio kept sending them life sized cut outs of Zooey Deschanel. Now the manic pixie dream girl guards the entrance to Summer Land with a quirky wave and a promise to save any man from his humdrum life.)In summer land, some flowers cling to life hiding in the underbrush to escape the horrendous heat (or what would be horrendous heat if there wasn't a Project Runway marathon).

Wind refuses to blow in summer land due to a lapse in the service contract, so trees have to make up for the lack by twisting and turning their own branches to give the illusion.
They make most of their income by growing, harvesting and training baby tribbles which they sell on the Klingon black market.
The fact that they will only deal with the Klingons is also why Summer Land is completely broke.

Due to the rather non existing economy there's only one food supply there, some slightly "break into horrible hives" looking berries.
Unless you're a Hobbit, then there's plenty of mushrooms to help you "take a trip to Rivendell" if you know what I mean.Summer Land is a fascinating place to wander around your mouth agape at the fact that a place could survive without any real food or minions and a ruler who'd rather be camped out in a kiddie pool watching golf while topping off a 6 pack.
Quietly I edged out of Summer Land, waving to the vacant eyed Zooeys and returned to our own four seasons (because big girls don't cry, though I am working my way back to you). It may not be the most fun to put up with the constant barometer plummets, the blazing hot afternoons mixed with freezing nights or the lack of chances to wear a full white suit but I'd much rather welcome fall than force myself to remain in summer forever.How's your fall going so far? Felt the need to wander around cataloging all the leaves? Or even worse, has it made you create a picture heavy post laden with so many geeky inside jokes your blog is about to crash through to the core of the Earth?

Yeah I hate it when that happens.


Linda said...

I love it.
Great pictures. I love the nature pics.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the first picture of tent caterpillars? They suspiciously look like it to me...

Lovely photos otherwise!

Chesney said...

You definitely caught the essence of fall here! I love fall and all of the fall colors, it is just what comes next that I hate! :)