Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 280

When we first moved into our house my husband and I were just a tiny bit surprised to find that the previous owners pried the kennel out of the ground and took it with them.

We were only left with a 13X7 concrete slab out in the middle of the yard.

With the addition of Essie, we put up a nice sized kennel so she can hate us every day we got to work and a week later scored a dog house.

Only it just wasn't quite enough for my spoiled little girl. I mean, she'd have to go inside the dog house if it's raining or lay out on the concrete when she wanted to be out.

Obviously that just wouldn't do. So this weekend, taking advantage of all the Labor Day please dear Lord take away our Summer stuff sales my husband and I hunted for something to spice up our little girl's Day Camp.

The first score was a simple cover for the kennel to help combat the rain and snow, nothing too fancy and rather easy to find.

After that we got a bit creative. To provide a little cushion from the hard concrete my husband and I zipped up and down Menards trying to find something durable and weather proof that also fit our rather awkward kennel size and wouldn't encourage puppy teeth.

We lucked out as I wandered past a back aisle and on a corner display saw some patio rugs that were half off. For a whole $35 we scored a simple weather proof rug that was just about the right size.

You'd think that'd be enough, we got a cover and a rug, but not for our little girl. My husband mentioned something about the addition of a pillow to encourage her to go inside her kennel more and it got me athinking.

It's the end of summer, everyone wants to be rid of their patio furniture and what goes great on patio furniture but pillows designed for the outdoors. Long story short, I scored the very last chair cushion for $8 (marked down from $35) for our little girl to lay her head on.

Check out our little girls new digs. It's funny how even though we went with the cheap and in some cases got the very last option we could find it almost looks designer ready.
Hopefully now that she has this big fancy pen, Essie won't feel the need to sleep in front of the fireplace anymore.
Have you made any great scores thanks to the summer clearance?Ever turned one thing into something else for your design vision? What's the craziest thing you've ever done for your pets?

Maybe I can sweet talk Rachel into sharing some of her ultimate design ideas reusing things she's gotten on sale. With her pack I'm sure they have an awesome doggie play heaven.

Congrats to Jenna on her big news.

She's gonna need this in less than 9 months:

And maybe this one too.
Good luck and may it all turn out wonderfully.


Chesney said...

I think Essie definitely found wonderful parents - not a little spoiled is she?? LOL

Linda said...

Nice. She's one lucky dog :)

Ruby Slippers said...

Maybe this is obvious to you, but why can't Essie just run around your backyard when you're out, instead of being in the cage? Will she rip the plants to shreds, or are you worried she'll get out? I'm missing something here!