Sunday, September 27, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 298

It's Sunday, and as and we all have hams to bake, yards to clean and Norman Rockwells to shoo out of our attics here's a post of nothing but Essie.Our little squirt is over four months old and already she's figured out some of the most important aspects of life.

If something you want is out of your reach . . .
Just jump up on your hind legs to get it.
Scratching can be a nasty habit, so it's best to do it as lady like as possible using your back leg while you remain standing to draw as little attention as possible. Following by a curtsy is strictly optional.
When things aren't going your way a good Elvis lip curl should get the job done.
And if there's anyone you disagree with, people who say get tired of looking at adorable pictures of you, there is only one lady like response.


Chesney said...

Looks like a very busy sunday for Esme (and for you too)! :)

Anonymous said...

He's so cute!!!