Thursday, April 16, 2009

Beading 101

I've been hard at work on wedding dresses this week (guess that's what free advertising will do for you). So prepare to be seeing a lot of these (well just three really).

I'm really digging the return to a simple single colored background. It focuses the eyes on just the dress. I also had one bride request I do her bouquet so if there's room I'm trying to work that in as well. Maybe I should try shoes to. Anyone want a painting of their shoes?

Anyway, on to the dress. I think I've finally started to get a good grasp on beading, relying more on texture (and my secret weapon silvery paint) and less on trying to mimic exactly what the beading looks like.For comparison this would be the dress I was trying to mimic.I've actually got another order sort of done. I fear my blue fixation has gotten the best of me because what I thought was a dark navy uniform is actually a dark green uniform. Oh well. Another few coats of paint won't hurt it.

Tonight I shall hopefully turn blue into green and create flowers from paper.


AmyJean said...

Very nice! I like this one!

Lindsey said...

WOW!!! I think you did an AMAZING job mimicing it!

Rachel said...

Beautiful as always!!!

And don't worry too much about being less than inspired. I think we all get that way!

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

Oh are you for real??? This is gorgeous!!! I think my painting pushed you towards going away from solid backgrounds (sorry, but I still love it!)


Chesney said...

I think you should go sit at a bridal fair with some of your paintings, I am sure there would be tons of business once the girls see how beautiful of work you do!