Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wedding dress on green

I recently finished a painting of Miss Anne's wedding dress. I really loved the delicate beading she had on the top and waist. It reminded me of a Renaissance gown while I was painting it.It also reminded me that when it comes to asking about backgrounds I need to stress if you want a color send me a picture to highlight said color. Green has way too damn many shades. In fact I don't even think this picture is the final green. I think I changed it three times.

Once again if you want your own wedding dress painting just leave a comment. It's also the surest way I'll talk about you here. Hey where is everyone going? Okay, what if I promise to never mention it ever?

I have nothing to paint right now and fear I may be driving my poor husband mad (He hasn't been able to kill Wil-o-the wisps and trolls for days)! So any requests? And no, I won't do Free Bird.


Linda said...

I like the way the dress "pops" off the canvas.

Miss Anne said...

i LOVE it!.

:) Can't wait to receive it and frame it!

Thank you kindly!

Chesney said...

another gorgeous painting - love that innocent white dress on that vivid green - wow!!

Kelley at My Island Wedding said...

loving it.