Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 141

I've tap danced around this issue a few times but I think I should finally be frank and up front about it.

I don't own a purse. I have never owned a purse. Unless there is some sort of chromosomal combination I shall probably never own a purse.

What I do use (aside from some lap top bag spillover for work) is an ID holder that contains all the cards and 30 forms of identification I could need as well as a nice clip for my keys.

We used to get them free from the University when I lived in the dorms but they could only stay together for a year at best as they were made from plastic. Then I moved away and that very year they put out a fancy ID holder made out of fabric and everything.

Using my old connections (not so much my fiance who was too embroiled in grad school work) I managed to swindle one and used it for 4 years. Look at the poor thing, it's on its last tip toes.
This is what I'd look like if I were a ghost, haunting people for the fun of it by writing messages in their cereal or appearing in random pieces of tupperware! Woooo! This just couldn't keep going on. I felt so bad for the poor ol' girl, the key ring was dangling on a few pieces of thread. I knew I had to do something.

So I went out and got myself a new one.Look it's blue! And leather so hopefully it'll last me longer than four years before it starts to look like someone ran it over with a lawn mower. I was slightly sad to throw away the last free ID holder I ever got from the University. With it goes those wild and carefree dorm days.

Guess this means I really do have to grow up. And I was so hoping a little pixie would show up and fly me off to Neverland. Or at least leave behind some of that delicious fairy dust.

I just learned that a stray dog my best friend took in a few months ago left a little surprise for them this morning in the form of a little puppy (or possibly more). I know, it's a big inconvenience and unexpected, but awe! Puppies!

In a few months maybe I can go play with the puppies!


Leslie said...

As the owner of that very unexpected puppy, once it (or they) are old enough, they're for give away. Anyone that wants one is welcome to it. It's a mutt of some kind. Mom is likely a full blood golden retriever, but we don't know for sure since she's a stray too.

AmyJean said...

Awww puppies!

valerie said...

Brett was reading over my shoulder and he totally just asked me, "Wa-was is it a fire??" Haha.

And awww puppies! I know what it's like to take care of a stray and then suddenly they drop a spawn load. We were kinda like, "OH SHIT" and "!" at the same time.

Linda said...

I had one of those back in my college days. I remember being carefree and not having to lug my life with me all over the place.
Puppies, I love puppies.

Rachel said...

Okay - so my purse carries so much stuff!! Make-up (okay, I'm a girly-girl!), bills I need to pay, bills I have paid but haven't filed yet, wallet, keys, pens, a book (in case I feel like reading, it came in handy when waiting to change my name at the social security office!), and sometimes my breakfast for the mornings!!!

And you could totally go play with the puppies in about a month! They're usually weaned and ready to be given away at like 5 to 6 weeks.

Chesney said...

I would be lost without my purse (although I do usually leave it in the car)!

And, congrats on your friends surprise - waiting to see pics!!