Saturday, April 18, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 137

Last night I got the weirdest craving for toast, and not just any toast it had to be cinnamon sugar toast. (Though there's a good possibility it's thanks to this)

So I used our toaster that really should be designated no longer as something for browning bread but more as a storage unit that once every 6 months I pull out to use for its manufactured process.What is it about the toaster that pretty much guarantees it prime counter space while it may get used less often than your cake stand? Blenders and the like usually get stashed but that good ol' toaster gets left out.

Is it a holdover for the 50's when every new appliance was just the coolest thing ever and had to be shown off to taunt your friends? Does anyone actually eat toast every day?

Yes these are the kind of things I think about while I'm waiting for my golden brown tasty toast.


Chesney said...

peanut butter and toast every morning - yummmmm!

Anonymous said...

I use my toaster almost every day (with gluten free bread you need to toast it before eating it or it's just weird.)

I say, if you don't use your toaster a lot, don't keep it on your counter. Only leave out stuff that you use a lot for easy access.

Linda said...

I hardly ever use to my toaster. My mom used to toast white bread with butter and sugar as a "special occasion" in the oven.

Becky (rksquared) said...

We use our toaster daily. It's definitely the most used small-appliance in our kitchen. Bread for sandwiches, bagels, english muffins, PB toast...Mmmmmm. In fact, I may need to use it right now.

Married and Lovin' it! said...

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Leslie said...

We use ours on a weekly basis at least (sometimes more). It kind of goes in spurts, but rather than taking up counterspace, ours hangs out on top of the refridgerator with my stand mixer.