Sunday, April 26, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 144

My husband has been struggling to try and recreate the flavors we get every time we visit our favorite Indian restaurant at home (I am certain he'd bathe in curry if he could).

For Christmas we got an Indian Cookbook that called from some very exotic spices (like fenugreek, green cardamom and salt) that just were not available in our little grocery store. We could have bought our weight in steak rubs though.

Yesterday our prayers were answered as this came in the mail:We set right away to just rubbing the Tandoori on some chicken and my husband did something with the garam marsala to couscous. We still have a very long learning curve to go as while the chicken was okay the couscous was basically inedible and had the smell of if a dog got into a ton of curry and resulted in the expulsion of curry flavored gas.

The other funny thing, my In-laws brought the Penzey's catalogue with them when they visited where I caught the Curry box. This catalogue came out around Valentine's Day (judging by all the pink hearts) and said there were no store outlets anywhere close to Nebraska so I turned to the Internet.

When we got our set in the mail they of course included the latest catalogue which now claims there is a store in Nebraska. They must just roll up on the back of a truck or something.


Chesney said...

You'll have to let me know the how to's once you get the flavors perfected!! I hate experimenting!!

Linda said...

I look forward to hearing about your experiments. I have not ventured into Indian cooking, but I'm sure Tai would enjoy it if I did.

melissa said...

I love Penzeys! There is a store in Omaha.

Rachel said...

We got a box of Penzey's spices for a wedding present - it was the "Sexy Wedding" set. Hmmm.... it had ranch spices, peppercorns, and some other stuff that I didn't reall think was all that "sexy". I'd at least expect some cayenne or honey, but no.

Let us know how your experimenting comes along!