Thursday, April 2, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 121

As night settles in and the world quiets down for a long sleep before the symphony of dawn you catch just on the cusp of hearing a little beep.

You shrug it off to you slowly losing your mind but there it is again. A tiny little blip. Suddenly you find yourself laying in bed straining your ears to hear it instead of actually going to sleep.

We've been dealing with this for the past 4-5 days or so as one of our upstairs neighbor's (or possibly non existent neighbors) smoke alarm broadcasts its death throes. I say possibly non existent as there is just no way someone living in the apartment could actually not notice (these things are loud and annoying), however there are a lot of college students around who seem to just rent the place to hold their stuff and then proceed to live with their boyfriend or girlfriend.

If I were their parents I'd be pissed. Just think of all that money you're pissing down the drain for a storage shed. Luckily I have discovered the best and cheapest white noise machine available to man. This fan has traveled with me across three state lines and been through more moves than I care to count. I first bought it when I got to spend an interesting and painfully hot summer in a non air conditioned dorm room at UW-M (learning the best ways to mess with chickens).

I also, on top of needing the fan to cool me down, quickly learned of its amazing abilities to dampen any loud or obnoxious noise my neighbors were creating so I could get some sleep. And of course now I can't really fall asleep without the fan going.

How do you best get to sleep? Do you like a little white noise or are you a crypt sleeper (black as night and no sound at all)? How do you dampen down the neighbors when they're stamping around like a herd of elephants?


Anonymous said...

That's annoying. I'm glad that we rarely hear much from our neighbours.

I'm a crypt sleeper. If there is continuous noise, I will repeatedly wake up and be really confused, so quiet is best.

Chesney said...

We have one of those "cheap" sound machines and sleep to it every night (the hubby snores) LOL

Linda said...

I want a white noise machine. In the summer I can have the fan on but in the winter it's too darn cold.
Our upstairs neighbors have a loud crying child. He wails all night. I cannot imagine what they do!

Lindsey said...

I def want a nature sound machine, like the ocean waves putting me to sleep. I'm sick of falling asleep to "Friends."

AmyJean said...

I NEED a white noise machine... city living means city trash trucks at 5 am... but for now, our fan is working too :)

valerie said...

I think we need a white noise machine. We have a fan, but it doesn't really cover up the death metal at 3am, ahaha.

I actually have to sleep with ear plugs because my better half snores. And also... the death metal neighbors.

So I guess listening to my heartbeat and breathing to fall asleep counts as white noise. Right?