Sunday, April 5, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 124

We've been a little busy here trying to get everything in order and the apartment all spic and span.

No the spring cleaning bug hasn't really hit, it's much worse than that. My in-laws are coming visit next weekend!
And since it'll be during Easter I also get to try and cook for them. It's going to be a bit interesting to say the least.

But since no one wants to hear about any possible in-law troubles and could occur here's a picture of the nice foreboding sky from last night that brought with it tornadoes, rain, cold, and possibly some snow.Enjoy.


Chesney said...

Have fun with the in laws - we are going to the in laws in North Platte next weekend - so I will be in the same position LOL! Only in Nebraska do you get tornado warnings, thunderstorm warnings and blizzard warnings all at the same time LOL At least here in Omaha, we pretty much got missed - not even an inch of snow - just lots of winds!!

Anonymous said...

Tornadoes and snow in April? That's unpleasant.

Have fun with your inlaws! How long are they visiting for?

GingerSnap said...

You'll get it all done, just do a little at a time!