Friday, April 24, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 143

It wasn't til watching the food network replay the Candy Expo of 2001 for the 10th time that it slowly began to dawn on me. Wow every single occupation must have its own expo.

I wonder what Fast Food would be like. Mascot companies hocking their wares while simulated children play with the latest in Kid Meal technology. Maybe a presentation on how to get all the ketchup out of the little sachets.

Pen expos where there is a bitter divide between black and the blue and there's always that one weird guy trying to push the exploding pen.

Construction expos, they can build their own hall during the expo!

Science does have its own trade shows and sadly they just aren't that interesting. Oh sure we still flock to them for free food and possibly a t-shirt (but really you can only take some many with MDS or Phizer emblazoned across the frot). Usually it's just to show off the latest in pipeting technology, some unnecessary breakthrough for tips and a nice ol' centrifuge.

On Thursday my cell, I mean, lab mate attended one on the other campus and scored the strangest thing I've ever seen.Apparently it's eco-friendly (not that that means a damn thing) and by buying this thing I could kill off some bacteria with a magical disappearing foam.

Well aside from the fact that the foam leaves a weird sticky feeling to your hands (I loathe sticky hands) is there really much point to this when I have my good friend Mr. bottle of 70% ethanol sitting right there?

I already need it to get myself in and out of the hood, and to clean up the bench top after any bacteriological experiment. If that isn't going to kill everything, there is an entire container of soap as well (or Mr. Bleach sometimes gets to come out of the cupboard).

Soap and ethanol seem a ton safer than this little thing:I think it just salts the bacteria to death anyway. Maybe if I started carrying around a big bag of salt to dip my hands into afterwards I could call that eco-friendly and sell millions.

Do you have any fun expos or free stuff companies are sending to you for your job? Any chance you can get my tickets to the next candy expo? I really need something that lights up and spins around. Um for an experiment, yeah that's it.


Linda said...

Social work conferences are few and far between. And as a grunt I don't get to attend them. Those are for the management level staff which blows.
I hate hand sanitizer. We have bottles of it at work. It always leaves my hands sticky and smells terrible.

Chesney said...

I just have a drawer full of company pens LOL