Sunday, April 19, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 138

Okay so I was mostly joking on Friday about being old and stuff there's no need to go and give myself white hair.

And it wasn't just a few strands hidden up at the crown either. This was more like a big gloop all along the bottom. Almost as through I accidentally drug it through some sort of white liquid like substance. Perhaps a dye for turning things from one color to the next:I am notorious about this. When I am doing something that say requires just a touch more focus than normal I will enter into a different mind frame and won't notice a single clue my body is telling me.

There have been times when I've strained a muscle trying to stay perfectly still to get just that perfect shot, usually on tip toes or crouched down in some crazy manner. Back when I was in school it was pretty common for me to sit down for a few hours, crank out a paper and just as I was getting to the conclusion suddenly realize I had to go to the bathroom RIGHT NOW! (Or the other hilarious time I had my leg up to act like a desk and was working on another paper and the phone rang. It was a wonder I didn't fall on my face as my leg was completely dead and would barely move.)

Probably the scariest tale of this strange focus of mine was when I had to edit a video I'd shot for an honors class. I spent 10 hours locked in a small room and I only came out 3 times to go to the bathroom. Otherwise I never once wandered away from the screen.

Basically all I'm saying is that I am a freak that should be shunned and feared. Friend good? Fire bad!

Oh I also require your help, once you're done brandishing that pitchfork in my face. See I've come to realize that I should include some kind of cute little Thank You note type thing with my few random Dress painting purchases. Some shops at Etsy seem to also include say a small little sample.

So then I thought, hey what if I do a little sample only I also use it as a chance to use up most of the extra paint left over from a job. Here's what I've come up with so far:
Where do I go from here? Should I attach them to some other backing? Just write "Thank You" on the back? Or be really lazy and just slide it in with the painting in its mailing envelope?


Linda said...

I really like the flower. I would leave them blank. I like to have blank note cards on hand for all occasions.

Chesney said...

Slip them in an envelope and write Thank You on the envelope and leave the cards blank as a gift!!

Rachel said...

I like their ideas! ;-)

And by the way - we're just giving you a little grief about the "old" thing. It's mostly because we're jealous and still wish we were that young - well, at least I do. But only if I know what I know now! I can remember turning 26 and thinking "Dear God! I'm entering into my late 20's!!! Aaack!" LOL!!! Just when you get used to being a certain age, your birthday has to roll around and spoil it!