Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Do you want a piece of me?

I've been slowly adding stuff onto my etsy site.

I finally got the tulips up just in time for Easter to be over with.Then there was that little waterfall on super fancy gallery wrapped canvas (what can I say except Hobby Lobby was having a sale):
Today I put up the one I was hemming and hawing over. A part of me really wanted to keep it but I finally decided maybe it'll find itself a better home (and maybe make another bigger version later):
And now my etsy store is happily updated and with the pleasantries aside we can move onto the heart of the matter.

I haven't had any wedding dress paintings in a while (apparently people just aren't getting married fast enough) so that's given me some time to start experimenting more. I want to create a really good rendition of my garden so I really want to get better and better at flowers.

So I was thinking that in exchange for say a mention on your blog, to friends and family, or random people on the street of my paintings or even just showing off what you get I'll do a free painting of your favorite picture of a flower or flowers. It could even be your bouquet for those who already made it down the aisle.

It'll be on a simple special paper designed for acrylics as I want to work more with the watercolor side of acrylics, but it'll be easily frame able and I can easily include other stuff in the background if you'd so like.

What da ya say? Is it a deal?


Shell said...

Hehe, yes, I hope to take a lot more eagle photos now! It will be much easier to do so :)

Chesney said...

My favorite is the tulips - stunning against the black! You are awesome!

AmyJean said...

Um totally...

Krista said...

I love it .. I'll be looking at your paintings (and photos you post here)! Who knows ... maybe I'll be inspired.