Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 127

We were promised Spring! Where are the flowers? The light breezy days? The Sunshine?

I demand to see the manager! Just look at what we found this morning!
Believe me, bub, that ain't sugar.

Are you gonna give us some cute little flowers and tons of the green stuff or am I gonna have to mess you up?
All right, that's better then.

In sadder news today, I cannot be trusted around tip boxes. I have a very high propensity for knocking them over, catching one and pulling all the rest out, or somehow having the top of the box stick to the bottom of another so when I pull the top box off the bottom box goes skittering across the lab floor.

Like so:
Well that's really about it in my little world. Oh wait, yesterday I had to box up all my paints and various other creative elements and hide them in the corner for the In-Laws are coming!It's insane just how much time and effort has to be put into one little weekend visit. Though the fact that we have to cook for them and that they'll be hanging around an awful lot means we have to work hard to make it all seem spotless I guess.

When you have a tiny apartment suddenly adding two new people takes up a ton of room. Not to mention all the stuff we can't get done on the weekend must be done now or we'll all go mad! Mad I tells ya!

How do you prepare for a long visit? Is there a mad rushing around and suddenly your entire week is devoted to just getting things ready for a two day meet and greet? Or do you just kick back and say well this is how we live so they'd better damn well like it?

If you haven't figured it out by now I'm not very close to my in-laws. There's isn't any animosity just a sort of you stay over there and we'll stay over here and we'll all be happy.

PS. not only did I not have any misspellings on today's blog I've also got another wedding showcase going on at etsy today. Stop by for free hot dogs and soda, bring the kids. They may even get a free balloon.


Anonymous said...

Fortunately for us, both our parents live in the same city, so we don't really have to worry about them staying overnight. But I can imagine it's somewhat stressy because you want to be a good host yet you still want your own space. Good luck!

Chesney said...

What gorgeous spring pictures - I especially love your snowflakes / frost - might make for a beautiful painting (like you have time w/ your in laws coming)!

Linda said...

My mother in law would love to come stay with us but there's no room for her. One bedroom apartment so no space for her. If we had a larger space I wouldn't mind.
One of my friends lives with her mother in law. That's crazy I tell you.
I clean like a mad woman whenever anyone stops by. I don't like people knowing I'm a slob!

valerie said...


And also, we just had a visit from my father-in-law and we spent the whole freaking week cleaning. We were actually scrubbing and mopping the floors when he finally showed up two hours later than when he said he'd be here.

We're not even messy people at all. Our apartment is generally clean and organized just because Brett and I are both OCD cases in cleaning. But his dad. His dad, man. He's a freak about clean and it makes me super nervous for him to come to our apartment. I'm always anxious he'll say something like, "Man, you guys needs to clean" after we practically cleaned until our fingers bled.

/end rant, haha.

I hope your visit with the in-laws goes alright.