Thursday, April 9, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 128

When trying to re-create the smells of spring you have to have fresh flowers, sunshine, a light rain and an overwhelming scent of fresh tilled earth.

Can anything really compete with the scent of potting soil when spring has sprung?

Last night I got to mess around with two huge bags as I planted this years crop: dill, oregano and some pretty flowers (I'm not a very good farmer):
I always get a kick out of seeing what each plants seeds look like. It's interesting how one species will have a long tube like seed, another nearly invisible dots and the last something akin to seeds from a cucumber.

This would be dill's, they even smelled of dill: Not that I make a habit out of smelling seeds, it's just anything dilly has an overwhelming scent of dill. They should make dill perfumes for when you want that nice dip scent.

I can't wait to get my own real garden in a real house down on real ground but for now I make due messing around in pots that I try to keep away from the evil bunny's and my husband (he was not very excited to see the window sill box back inside, I know it'll wind up on the carpet a few times). There's something so relaxing raking your fingers through the earth, patting it down, or just getting your fingernails super dirty:
Now to wait patiently for those little green sprouts to come straining out of the earth.

Do de do. Ah to hell with that, I'm just gonna get myself an already blooming flower in the mean time: I got this little beauty from the grocery store last night. If you're ever having a bad day stop by the floral section of your grocery store and even if you don't plan on buying it put a really lovely smelling plant in your cart or basket.

Every now and then I caught a scent of the pretty flower and it brought a smile to my face while navigating the meat counter or deciding which appetizers would work best for the In-laws.

Does anyone else love to garden? What have you started this year? Anything fun you can't wait to see poking up?


Anonymous said...

We have a flowering pot outside our door. I have no idea whether it is going to flower itself or whether we're going to have to plant something. Last year it took until almost December to die completely. (which is amazing because everything is usually pretty dead by October here being that it's Canada and all.) It kept on almost dying, then the weather would warm up so it would turn green again and once it got cold again, the cycle repeats itself.

Kudos to you for being on the ball for planting!

Leslie said...

Brett has started some sunflowers in the house and is begging me to get my flowers planted outside. Too bad it keeps freezing at night (though that would mean I'd actually have to buy the flowers that I'm gonna plant).

Chesney said...

I lost my battle against the bunnies the past few years, so it is just flowers for me! :)