Saturday, April 4, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 123

While wandering the bookstore last night (one of our typical date nights, aren't we cosmopolitan) we came across one of those fancy versions of Scrabble. You know the type with the huge board and that's probably bigger than a dining room table and made out of some rare wood from the heart of the amazon.

It got me to thinking about how I never got to play scrabble much growing up because no one wanted to play with me and how much fun it'd be to play again. Too bad we weren't going to spend $25 for a little word game.

Then I remembered just how pressing it was that we get some toilet bowl scrubbers. In fact we've been needing them so bad I didn't think we could go another day without them. So we had to stop at Target oh and while we were there why not just pick up a scrabble game.No, your brain isn't going. After a few real games I suggested that it'd be fun to make up our own words, only it had to be pronounceable so no long string of just consonants or vowels. After a while we started to come up with our own definitions.

Kayisyeow was what a cat says when you step on its tail twice.

Torted is the extreme annoyance of someone constantly offering them torts.
Anyone else big scrabble fans? Ever cheat the rules just a touch for the sake of getting something fun on the board?


Chesney said...

One of our family's favorite games (until the boys started putting down naughty words LOL)! I love your new rules!!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome! That's how scrabble should be played in my mind. The more interesting the word and definition, the more points you get!

I was never very good at scrabble as I always have difficulting picking out words. You know those puzzles that are in the newspaper where it's a couple of sets of letters mixed up and then select letters from the words create some kind of saying? I suck at those. Oh well.

Linda said...

I adore Scrabble. But yes as I child no one would play with me either. My folks hated board games. I play on facebook since we don't ever have time to play a full game.
Tai follows the rules so no making up words.

Leslie said...

You know in all the years I've known you, it surprises me that we've never played scrabble. I love it. I even got Brian playing it while we were in Canada last year.