Monday, April 6, 2009

Pretty flowers to go with a story

I'm officially insane (just waiting on the certificate) but I really liked the whole idea behind my fairy tale and so I'm slowly sketching and painting each flower as she would work to "better" herself.

The plan is once I get each done on paper I'll take out my big ol 16X20 canvas that's doing nothing and make a garden painting with all of them in it doing their actions.

The first one I did was Miss Daisy. Yes she is spraying herself with the Daisy perfume (my favorite). It was just too obvious of a pun I couldn't pass it up.Miss Daffodil is trying to hide her nose. I'm thinking I may try adding a fan to make it a bit more obvious what she's doing.-Miss Lily is painting her spots with white paint. It was also being a big pain as my left hand swiped a good chunk of the paint and ink all over the place. Painting, drawing, and being left handed do not mix well.This last one I love the most. It turned out so well I'm a bit flabbergasted. It's Miss Hibiscus and I'm thinking I may try scanning the image and turning it into card or something.Four down, six more to go. If anyones wondering here is the fairy tale again to see what other flowers I still have to diagram and their actions. Any idea how to make a rose look like she's showing off?


Ashley said...

these are great!

Linda said...

I think you captured your characters well!

Anonymous said...

Wow! That's impressive! I really like Miss Hibiscus.

As for the showing off rose, perhaps pristinly opened petals with a curve in her stem? (Think celebrities on the red carpet - they usually have a very confident stance.)

AmyJean said...

Love the last one ... :)

David said...
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