Thursday, April 16, 2009

Picture a Day - Day 135

Isn't it amazing just how tightly coiled spring is? When you least expect it BAM! It jumps out and pokes you in the eye. At least that's my theory on why my eyes start watering from mid way in April all through the end of May.

I'm sure you're all getting tired of them but it seemed as though overnight suddenly everything was blossoming. So strap on your allergy proof masks, we're diving in.

I have no idea if this is a cherry or dogwood tree, I am leaning more towards cherry but probably the hallucinating kind to discourage college students from eating it:
Oh how about one more?
We have a dairy store on campus with some very tasty freshly made ice cream, so this is a rather common sight. Still kinda sad though: The Magnolia trees are blooming like crazy too. Bet ya didn't think we'd have any magnolia trees, did ya. Well me either til I wandered around and looked at the sign. Aboretums make identifying plants a whole lot easier.If anyone is a big lilac fan, the campus arboretum has something like 30 different types. It's still a little to early for them, but here are the baby lilacs just starting their growing journey: These last ones are just some pretty little flowers I spotted on the ground, kinda like an afterthought. Poor little underdog, needed their own little portrait:
I'd offer some funny and entertaining commentary but I fear I may be going through a bit of burnout on pictures. You know it's bad when pretty pictures of the outside don't even capture my attention much.

Though I have no intention of giving up on it, I just fear I've reached my third slump and just need to be inspired again. I'm beginning to see why most normal people who do this either take just one picture of something and write a sentence as opposed to a whole paragraph or so about it, or take a bunch of pictures and just show off one each day based around a theme.

I invented crazy rules for myself so every picture you see I did take just the day before (I am tearing through batteries like crazy) so I also have to edit and upload it the night before. There is a part of me that can't wait til all this is over, but even now I like to look back at say January or December and see how quickly everything changed from dark white and cold to bright sunny warmth.

It is interesting too how much I've learned about the camera I use, how I hold myself in very strange positions just to get the right shot, and how daylight has become my best friend (I just about never use flash anymore). I also used to feel incredibly self conscious taking out a camera in front of people and taking a picture. Now I'll pull the thing out and snap away sometimes taking two or three if I'm not sure if it was in focus.

Sorry, just some thoughts I've had in my head for a while about the project. I'll be back to my regularly scheduled snarky self tomorrow. In the mean time I think I'll try dark and self reflective to match the clouds and rain outside. Anyone got any Morrisey?


Anonymous said...

I think inspiration comes in cycles. I think you're still doing an excellent job with your project, though.

I have no idea whether those are cherry or dogwood blossoms, but they're still really pretty.

melissa said...

Beautiful pics. I love springtime in Lincoln, especially on east campus. The trees in bloom are amazing.

AmyJean said...

Gorgeous Flowers! :)

Linda said...

I love lilacs. So beautiful!

Chesney said...

What a wonderful glimpse at spring!! Your flowers are all amazing - the magnolia is my favorite tree though. Still no blooms on mine!