Thursday, April 30, 2009

Don't forget - you're here forever

Sorry slipped into Mr. Burns mode for a second there.

Just a gentle reminder that my little giveaway is about to end. On the stroke of midnight I'll turn into a pumpkin so I need everyone to clap their hands super hard to keep that from happening. Or at least keep Ichabod Crane away from me.

Once again we are all playing for a vinyl decal from Thoughts That Stick: It's 15" X 5" and you can choose whichever color you like to match your walls.

Since I'm feeling so magnanimous after a rather good day in lab (I didn't set anything on fire) you can just leave a comment after this post to get another entry.

So that means if you left one before and leave one today you get two. And as we all need something to talk about in the comments here's the latest Target Women that makes me quite glad I sort of skipped right past that whole single scene:


AmyJean said...

I like that... be your own kind of beautiful... i really like that!

Leslie said...

Gee I sure love Target women....and glad I skipped the dating scene too!